Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombings

Hey everyone. Just wanted to make a quick post regarding yesterday's tragic events.

First and foremost, Louie and I are both safe and healthy. Louie was safe at work a few miles from the race. I was at the marathon, but 9 miles from the finish line. It's chilling to think that some of the runners I was cheering on were right next to the blasts a couple hours later...

We  both went to college right on the Boston Marathon route, and Marathon Monday has been a special day to us for quite some time. It's a Lasell tradition to cheer on the runners as they pass us at mile 17, and it's really a day of school spirit and city spirit. Everyone wants to be at Lasell on Marathon Monday, enjoying the atmosphere of Boston pride.

It's really heartbreaking to see someone ruin such a happy event that celebrates our city and the people that work so hard to reach their goal of running such a historic and prestigious race. Competing in the Boston Marathon is the crowned jewel in any distance runner's career, and the fact that someone had to turn these athletes' opportunity to shine into their own opportunity to hurt people makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm currently wearing a race t-shirt in honor of those who were killed, injured, and otherwise affected by this cowardly attack, and will probably wear one every day this week. To show the running world your support, feel free to do the same. Runners are tough, physically and mentally, and we aren't going to let some lame terrorists take our sport or our city away from us.

If you'd like to read about yesterday's events from my point of view, you can check out the post over on my personal blog.

Stay safe. Stay strong. #RunforBoston

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