Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Training Update: Amp Up the Mileage!

It's finally that time, folks. With my next race over a month away, there's no better time to start shooting for higher mileage in my training and focusing on preparing myself for Hartford (less than 6 months from now! O_O).

This week I've knocked down 6.5 and 8.5 mile runs, and after a day or two of rest & stretching, I'm hoping to get into the double digits. So far, I know I can run 13.1 miles. A half marathon is the longest distance I've ever run at one time. By the end of May, I'm hoping to push myself into the 15-16 mile range. The overall goal is to get into the low-20's by the end of the summer.

Physically, I know I can complete a marathon. It's the mental aspect of running 26 miles that I need to work on. When I'm out on my longer runs, I get extremely bored and keep glancing at my watch, wondering when it will be over. I never really get this boredom when I'm actually racing, but when I'm training alone, I can not wait for the hours of running to just be over so I can be around people I can talk to.

Lucky for us, Louie and I don't live too far from each other, and we're both equally intimidated by taking on long runs on our own. Our big plan for the months leading up to Hartford is taking on the same long run every week TOGETHER, so we both have someone to motivate us and get us past those mental blocks that make long distance running so difficult! (With, of course, and amazing post-run meal.)

We'll be sure to update everyone on how our longer runs go as we get closer and closer to 26.2! :)

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