Thursday, May 9, 2013

Me, a Runner?

It is now May 11th and I have not written a post for VS. the Road since April 10th. I have been doing a lot of thinking about running and what it means to me. It might seem like a strange thing to say but I have always resisted considering myself a runner.  I have never thought I was good enough or running enough to be considered a runner. Well this all changed five days after my last post. The Boston Marathon became the target of a terrorist attack and everything I had thought changed.

I saw a community come together and rally. I saw runners on a day that they had worked so hard for become selfless. Many had continued on after the marathon and ran to to nearby hospitals to donate blood. Many of the images that have come from that day are inspirational. Marathon runners, volunteers, first responders, and even spectators ran to help victims without a second thought. They show that people are selfless that in the darkest moments, you can always find the light.  Something to check to out is Boston Magazine's story behind there recent cover: Boston Magazine Story

So, how does this relate back to the title of this article. Well, it was after this that I finally realized I was a runner. The running community is amazing. On top of the examples I have already stated many races have embraced One Fund Boston and have pledged to donate part of the proceeds from the races to the fund. This past Sunday, I ran the Navigant Credit Union Half Marathon. We were given bracelets that said "Rhode Island Runs for Boston" and a moment of silence was held before the race for the victims as well.  I am, also, doing a 5k Fun Run/Walk next week that is free and is asking for donations instead of a registration fee. It's amazing the way the running world has rallied.   It truly is an amazing community.I cannot fully express in words what it means to be a runner. I think the only way to completely understand is to run, but what I do know now, and will never again question is:

I am a RUNNER!

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